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Dalek Chess Test Image Gallery

Rengade Dalek

This is my first Dalek or pawn. The shape and coloring is meant to match that of the Renegade warrior Dalek from the Doctor Who story Remembrance of the Daleks. It is not an exact copy. I purposefully deviated on the gun and plunger assembly design to closer match that of the Comet model kits. If the image looks dim try adjusting the brightness of you monitor.
Imperial Dalek

This is an Imperial Dalek. It will be a white pawn.
Renegade Spider Dalek

This is a Renegade Spider Dalek. It will function as a black bishop once the game is playable. I have Scarecrow, a.k.a Wayne Peters, to thank for this model. He is the originator of this design of Spider Dalek and has given me permission to use it in the game, along with a 3DS file which helped immensely with the construction of the current model you see before you. For more images of Scarecrow's models you should consult his web page:
Imperial Spider Dalek

This is an Imperial Spider Dalek (white bishop). It too is based on Scarecrow's model.
Renegade Dalek on Hoverbout

This is my interpretation of what a Renegade Dalek on a hoverbout might look like. This will be a knight. I have kept the hoverbout very simple. If I get bored I might jazz it up a bit.
Imperial Dalek on Hoverbout

This is my interpretation of how an Imperial Dalek on a hoverbout might appear. This is a white knight. The boxiness of the design is sort of meant to match the boxiness of the Imperial Dalek shuttle craft. There is no hard data on the exact shape an Imperial hoverbout would be so I decided to be creative.
Renegade Dalek Spaceship

This is a Renegade spacecraft meant to act as a black rook. Although larger than the Imperial Shuttle, it does not out gun it. This model is based on the Dalek spacecraft which appears at the end of the televised Doctor Who story Revelation of the Daleks. We never see much of this ship in the story, so some of this model's details have been completely fabricated.
This promises to be one of the more interesting models to blow up.
Imperial Dalek Shuttle

This is my interpretation of the Imperial Dalek Shuttle. This piece will be a white rook. This representation is a little inaccurate, but should be good enough for the game.
Renegade Special Weapons Dalek

This is my interpretation of the Renegade Special Weapons Dalek from the pulled Doctor Who aniversory special The Dark Dimension. This model was based off of Alan Marshall's character sketch found in the the Doctor Who book Ace.
Imperial Special Weapons Dalek

This is a recreation of the Special Weapons Dalek (white queen) that debuted in the Doctor Who story Remembrance of the Daleks. This trace shows a clean model, unlike the battle scared one in the story. The computer model was based off of a Sevens model kit that was lent to me by Dan Fisher for this project. With out it I wouldn't have been able create such detail. Thanks Dan!
Rejected model.  Not unique enough

This is an old model of the Black Dalek Supreme. Although it is a cannon copy of the original, it looks too much like a pawn. If it does make any appearances in the Dalek Chess game, it will be a cameo appearance in one or more of the MPEG movies.

Here is a test render I did some time back for wall paper. This is an example of a single frame from a rook take rook sequence. The actual MPEG movies will be in 640x480 resolution while this frame is blown up to 800x600 to make better wall paper.
This image also uses the popular galaxy include file(s) which can be found here .
Old screen capture

Here is a screen capture of the board from one of the Aridius prototypes. This shows a rough example of what the Aridius version of Dalek Chess will look like. Note the black void to the right of the board is reserved for a control panel.

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